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“AWESOME. Best game creator app I could find! ... I wish I could give more stars.”

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“Sketch Nation is a game design canvas that requires no coding skills but still creates a polished and custom game experience ... [Students] will be instantly engaged in a curriculum that will take them further towards an understanding of computer science.”*


* Review of Studio but fully applies to Sketch Nation Create

“The variety of options -- types of games and different modes for creating, from simple to expert -- will engage kids designing their first game and those with more experience.”


“Endless possibilities of fun!...I love this app. You can literally create a game in minutes. Highly recommended…Especially for those who are looking for a creative outlet.”

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“This is amazing, my kids love it.”

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Sketch Nation lets you create games by drawing them. Select a game genre and then, using your own art, photos and ideas, design characters, scenery and objects to bring your games to life! Want others to see your games? Share them with friends and players in the Sketch Nation community.

Sketch Nation is free, easy to learn and fun to use, providing education, entertainment and storytelling all at once.

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